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We, the citizen of India use cycle rickshaw for our means of short voyage for quite a few centuries. With the time this mode of public transportation embarked plying in Oxford, London, Paris, Singapore and in the majority of other conspicuous metropolis on earth, which are global cream of the crop in metropolis sketching in addition to countryside scheduling.
All the way through our opening venture of Delhi, we’ve experienced that civilization ardently need them for the connectivity with hauling hub or widespread tiny essentials, while the pullers crave them as sole cause of bread and so, we need to create balance between the elite ease, city garnish and breathing of folks, reliant on this absolutely green means of haulage for inhabited locates. 

FoRPI is a movement, set in action to lend a hand to decision-makers and civic structure to carry on concern of a sustainable future by absorption of innovations and the systematic spread, taking place right the way through the sphere in the walk of renewable force carted short expanse haulage and shelter something like  hundred million drudges and their kin’s living.  

Voyage At A Glance

Federation of Rickshaw Pullers of India fondly known as “FoRPI” is above an ordinary unionization of cycle rickshaw pullers. It’s a dream, a contemplation to be liberated from shackles of dearth and disregard. The movement is brainchild of ‘PATH’, operational in the pasture of Sustainable Development and Sustainable Livelihood; the organization has initiated a tiny feat on cycle rickshaw pullers.

The drive, which embarked on with the assembly of forty cycle rickshaw pullers became vocal on 11th of May 2009 and scores of thousand cycle rickshaw pullers have not merely coupled, but keenly had a say in shaping up of this association. The notion of FoRPI is centred on capacity building instead of charity. The fellow workers believe that a uniform platform for compatible folks with goal of constructive use of this green approach of tiny voyage would not only facilitate cycle rickshaw pullers to bring in their wages amicably, but also our civilization and supervision to shelter an attraction for our overseas guests in addition to preservation of our green heritage . At present, FoRPI is active in five states across India, to be exact, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

FoRPI researchers and volunteers are in the habit of holding weekly meetings with Cycle Rickshaw Pullers. The meetings, which are the most integral part of the whole exercise, inured to be based on mutual interaction with Cycle Rickshaw Pullers. With these meetings and interactions, the researchers have acknowledged largely repeated struggles and mulled over their solutions during our brainstorming sessions. The emphasis hanged about on diagramming of approaches to deal with the obnoxious state of affairs, which surface due to ignorance of this centre of citizens by policy makers and their illegitimate standing in the note of local supervision despite serving for centuries, other than the hunt of inspired ways to enhance their retribution to muddle through costs on healthiness and edification of their brood. 

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