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Federation of Rickshaw Pullers of India fondly known as “FoRPI” is above an ordinary unionization. This is an association of charitable organizations and trade unions of cycle rickshaw pullers… furthermore a dream, a contemplation to be liberated from shackles of dearth and disregard ahead of a petite endeavour to store up swiftly worsening climatic condition.
As far as the system of our country is concerned, the expectations of people, who are dependent on cycle rickshaw and cart pulling for their livelihood, have never been noticed as significant masses after attainment of self-governance. If, take a glimpse of what went before, we discover that centuries of British colonial rule and the ruthless exploitation by colonial administrators had crushed the buoyancy of poor populace of our country and forced them to lead a life of dearth and discomfort. The problems of common people were directly connected with the established socio-political and economic state of affairs all through colonial epoch. The ruined citizens took keen interest in the socio-political and economic reform of the country. Loaded with the passion of patriotism, the people from lesser income stratum had also participated and played their precious role in the struggle for independence, but they did not get enough opportunity to change their economic condition and stayed ill-fated labourers despite electing a government of their choice.
Freedom had formed towering hopes amongst Indians and in particular deprived masses, that the progressive and democratic ideals of freedom struggle would be realized. Issues like employment, education and development were the core issues of the people of this country. It was expected that in independent India, people would get their rights and respect yet again. However, after independence when power was transferred to the representatives of the India, they uncared for concern and significance of common mass by adopting metropolis-centric capitalist path of development, leading to paradoxical sense of equilibrium of industry, agriculture and education.

Consequently, the fruits of development were enjoyed by a very small section of the people, while masses hanged about deprived of adequate and equal economic opportunities. People, who belong to worker, peasant, artisan, labour and comparable deprived categories, are in distress up till now and getting used by dyed-in-the-wool forces for both internal and external dent to the nation. These forces attack on the pedigree of national unity by exploiting adolescents of one segment to ruin up other and a huge populace of disadvantaged are all set to make any compromise to get rid of their generations old misfortunes i.e.- illiteracy, joblessness, starvation, ailments, disrepute etcetera.. Deprivation had provided fertile grounds for the growth of already existent castist, communal, fundamentalist and chauvinist forces.

The strategies of liberalisation, privatisation, and globalisation of 1980’s, which had assisted big capitalists on the one hand, jeopardised public sector, small scale industry, agriculture etcetera and intensified despair of crowd. In a country like India, agriculture is significant source of living for the labour force. While the future of this vast majority of rural populace was thrown in threat through these strategies, limited avenues of employment had been publicized using media, especially the visual media to promote the interest of multinational companies and big business houses to be squeezed further.

Emerge of a new market oriented culture through liberalisation and structural adjustment programme pursued by successive governments since 1991 contributed in growing unemployment, which now affects both urban and rural areas of country as never before.
On the other hand, the rapid technological development, which took place in last few decades, has influenced economic growth, but instead of contributing in to the process of employment generation and providing relief, amplified number of redundant and ecological humiliation as well. While the developed capitalist countries happened to use technology as bait for bargain with developing countries like India, lately surfaced well-off segment with commercial approach went ahead by means of machinery far and wide intensely without any restraint and concern regarding the spoil of bionetwork with entire approval of control for fiscal gain of transnational bazaar, and contrary to that, still millions of deprived in countryside and urban, including metropolitan, vicinities forced to lead a life of bonded labourers, and greatest instance of this is cycle rickshaw and cart heavers.

Our beliefs does not entirely go up in disagreement to either liberalisation, privatisation, globalisation, market oriented culture and fiscal gain of transnational bazaar nor going ahead by means of technology, but this enterprise to be exact FoRPI (Federation of Rickshaw Pullers of India) has been envisaged with intent of constructive, diligent nonetheless deprived and redundant mass oriented and bio friendly use of the technology.

The enterprise on cycle rickshaw pullers set in motion with a petite replica endeavour with approximately eleven thousand heavers at Rohini subsidy of New Delhi. This enterprise became vocal in February 2009 and took shape of an all India movement of cycle rickshaw pullers with the time. This movement was not only competent to fetch cycle rickshaw and cart heavers along and orient them in a track of their makeover in to the structured labourer and proficient service provider, but also encouraged young volunteers from a wide societal, fiscal and political spectrum to raise their voice in support of this bio friendly mode of civic haulage.

Our vision is establishment of this nature friendly mode of civic haulage and self employment to the source of living of approximately eight to ten percent populace of this nation. Along with assistance for self sustenance we are ready with blueprint and successful replica to link them with, technological advancement, cooperative reservoir, social security, various learning and safety way outs, which will also be a tool in the archive of city-dwellers to wrestle with swiftly worsening climatic state of affairs.

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