FoRPI Societal, Fiscal and Methodological Yield...
... on political obverse:

Organize Cycle Rickshaw Pullers and create a legitimate umbrella for them.
Raise voice for their rights and reasonable human standing in the society.
Make effort for a uniform fare for cart pullers countrywide.
Initiate a dialogue with Policy Makers on every level for a relevant national policy on cycle rickshaw carter.

...on economic obverse:

Augmentation of financial resources of pullers in the course of having their debts recompensed through various creative means exercised through "Sanchay Path " Cooperative Model.
Use 'micro-credit' as an apparatus for connecting them with banking and financial institutions.
Devise commercials for their rickshaw exterior from merchant groups to appreciate their trivial profits.
Ensure collective and individual social security such as: life, health, vehicle etcetera.

...on societal obverse:

Sensitise nation about civic liberties through showcasing them the genuine human face of these service provider labourers.
Synchronization between administrative machinery, Enforcement Agencies, Municipal Bodies and other obligatory units with the representatives of Cycle Rickshaw Pullers for reconstruction of short expanse carrying arrangement all over the nation.
Orchestrate special learning axis for the pullers themselves other than pledging education of their kids and occupation teaching for their reliant.
Lengthen the scrupulous healthcare mission for their specific and precarious paradigm of existence.

...on the obverse of trade & technological advancement:

Endow pullers with meticulous methodological schooling of service etiquette and traffic exercise, and their certification or licensing as well in coalition of alarmed controlling authority.
Linking revamped and modernized cycle rickshaw with tourism sector mechanism inside the nation for the ethic feel of guests from all over the globe.
Instigate petty returns escalating notes i.e. 'shop on wheel', 'mobile charging station' etcetera in accord with trade concerns.

Craft a uniform customer and cart puller helpline number in every metropolis for assistance in case of precipitate, crisis, complaint, proposal, booking etcetera.

...on environmental obverse:

Proliferate about fossil fuel caused detrimental gases, their blow on ambience and cutback through exploitation of green approach of short expanse voyage like cycle rickshaw.
Go on with mechanizing innovation and pledge as much access of astral power-driven cart to pullers as possible in the early arena and carry on creating effortless, sophisticated and greener cycle rickshaws for them.

...on legislative obverse:

Assist structured workforce to get legitimate acknowledgement by statute and secretarial mechanism.
Prolong review and certification of migrant rickshaw puller's self in metropolitan cities to endorse precaution in accordance with administration.
Toil for equitable access of cart pullers in the public parking space of urban arrangements.
Establish communication with legislators for proviso of cart stand and in the lodging locates of metropolis and suburbanises in town planners precedence roll.

...on ethical obverse:

Arrange day and night shelters for rickshaw pullers with the help of administration and municipal Bodies.
Endorsement of moral practices amid cycle rickshaw pullers, particularly related to alcohol and drug intake in addition to immoral reproductive conduct.
Propose precedence of senior cycle rickshaw pullers, matured 45 years and beyond, since the risk of get trapped by Tuberculosis and other respiratory ailment are far above the ground further than this mellowness.

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